Пятница на Составе: Марта Хант снялась обнаженной для Victoria’s Secret


Фото стало частью #angelsfineartcollection

Пятница на Составе: Марта Хант снялась обнаженной для Victoria's Secret

Американская топ-модель Марта Хант взволновала пользователей социальных сетей своим новым фото в рамках проекта #angelsfineartcollection от Victoria's Secret, который продолжается уже почти 4 года.

На фото девушка полностью обнажена. В своих социальных сетях Марта Хант поблагодарила фотографа, который дал ей чувство свободы.

На снимке Марта Хант позирует без белья, а грудь прикрывают волосы.

an honor to work on this ❤️🙌🏽❤️ . #Repost @russelljames ・・・ Honored that the last shoot of my new fine-art project was with my great buddy @marthahunt. Thanks MH for giving this 4 year project such an awesome finale. #comingsoon #angelsfineartcollection #2018. @deannahaganmua @brianbuenaventura_

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Проект продолжается уже четыре года, за это время в коллекции «ангелов» Victoria's Secret появилось много пикантных фото.

(LINK IN MY BIO) Earlier this year I had the privilege to photograph ten extraordinary woman on the very first day that each became an official part of the @victoriassecret family. Last year during New York Fashion Week I launched #angelsfineartcollection and the book ‘Angels’, inspired by the wonderful collaboration I have with Victorias Secret and many of the amazing woman I have met and photographed as a result. Today I am dedicating this new image to the #angelsfineartcollection to benefit @nomadtwoworlds, a socially conscious endeavor that I believe in with my heart and soul, and that so many of these amazing people have supported in a variety of ways. I could never thank each of you enough. I’ll be watching tonight as you all take to the runway for the #vsfs for the first time all together. I have called this new fine-art piece ‘ten’ (yes very original name I know). My heartfelt thanks to everyone for making this daily journey a lifetime adventure. You can view 'ten' on the link on my bio. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/russell-james-ten-1 @romeestrijd @jacmonika @marhunt @hoskelsa @laisribeiro @stellamaxwell @sarasampaio @_kate_g_ @taylor_hill @jastookes #vsfs CBS 10e/9c

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Guess who? When I launched my #AngelsFineArtCollection in 2014 these two buddies expressed everything about the project quite perfectly. It was all about trust and friendship. Answer tomorrow. Although there are an abundance of easy clues for this one.

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Happy birthday @stellamaxwell. About Stella; I could tell everyone the obvious, like how she has risen up in just a few short years to become one of the biggest models ever. Or how she is one of the most amazing beauties on the planet. All true. However here are some things that you may not know and that I think really matter. Stella is one of the most loved and adored people in our industry for great reason. She is kind and considerate to everyone on a shoot from the interns to the owner of the company — that tells you a lot about a person. If we push Stella hard for a great shot then she pushes back even harder so we all do our best work. It's great to see people succeed. It's even better when it's someone who never takes it for granted, lives what they do and is a super cool person. This shot is from a series that publishes later this year and the shoot story itself is a perfect Stella example. After working my hardest on this shoot session I said 'I think we got it Stella'. She said 'No let's do some more!' And we did. And the shots got even better. And I can't wait to publish this fine art series. Love you Stella and HBD! #angelsfineartcollection

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These iconic and amazing women inspired so much for me #fb #comingsoon @angelcandices @lilyaldridge #angelsfineartcollection

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Sad to leave Berlin behind (pun intended) www.russelljames.com THANKS Camera Work for a wonderful gala opening night and SPECIAL thanks @sarasampaio for being a most extraordinary guest of honor at Angels European opening. NYC bound… #AngelsFineArtCollection

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